Mersoft is a software product company based in the Kansas City metro.  We’ve been at it since 1996 delivering technology products and solutions.  Customers describe us as the “Navy SEALs” of software because we take on tough challenges and consistently deliver.

The story behind the “M”

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Mersoft culture revolves around excelling in research and development for software solutions and projects. Our engineers are focused on three factors: technology, solutions and services.


We tackle projects with deliberate methodology. Every platform, programming language, framework, system and tool is at our disposal.


Engineering best-in-class solutions for our clients inspires us to push technology beyond its limits to take your business to the next level.


Software engineering is what we do, but it’s our services—proactive, flexible and dependable—that distinguish Mersoft from competitors and sustains our business.

Volunteering & Having Fun

ArtSnap is a mobile app for Android and iOS we built and donated to ArtsKC in Kansas City in 2014 as part of their campaign to raise awareness of Kansas City’s legacy of artistic accomplishment.


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