Enterprise security and building automation companies across the globe are rapidly changing with the growth of new standards for industrial IoT and leveraging new opportunities for cloud-hosted security services. At Mersoft, we are helping companies transition from proprietary CCTV surveillance systems to WebRTC. As aging systems are replaced, new options emerge.

Mersoft can connect those vast numbers of existing security cameras that use H.264 compression and RTSP (real time streaming protocol).   Mersoft stream™, converts the media from RTSP to WebRTC without transcoding.  With the Mersoft connect™ SDK, companies can quickly build user experiences for security teams on the go carrying Android and Apple iOS devices, or for browsers. Leveraging Mersoft move™ media server, live stream alerts can integrate alerts from door alarms, motion sensors and AI processing engines so that security teams can respond to incidents and see truly live video when seconds count.

Mersoft technology can be run on-site where internet access is not possible, and can also be run as a cloud service. Security-as-a-service offers smaller companies the advantages of bigger companies with live monitoring and talk-back capabilities for new revenue opportunities.

Security teams see truly live video and can respond to incidents when seconds count.

Use Cases

  • Onsite Server Install: Integrating with existing RTSP cameras, Mersoft runs on a local Windows or Linux server.  Mersoft move™ directs a live stream to a web browser app on a large TV monitor with dozens of thumbnails.  Simultaneously, a stream is sent to the networked video recorder for later viewing.

  • Cloud-Hosted: Configured for multiple end customers, Mersoft cloud-hosted enables smaller businesses to have live monitored cameras with a talk-back feature to ward off trespassers or communicate that help is on the way.

  • Mobile Live Stream: A live stream starts in a few seconds and shows action happening in real time right on their smartphones.  Security teams have precious seconds when responding to incidents, increasing safety and preserving property.


  • Video
  • Audio
  • Text messaging
  • Media sharing

Integration Opportunities

  • Door Locks
  • Alarms
  • Motion Sensors
  • A.I. Video Analytics

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