Nielsen moves from demographics to buyer graphics.

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Account executives will use more than traditional age/gender demographics to describe their audience to advertising prospects under Nielsen’s grand plan for radio.  What’s happening at the cash register could be just an important component in the future.


Nielsen is working to link audio listening data with consumer purchase data.  That will make it possible for broadcasters to stack up their audience against a specific consumer brand or product category.  “In Chicago, classic rock listeners are much more likely to own Roadsters,” Nielsen SVP of local media product leadership Farshad Family said recently.  “Adult alternative listeners in Los Angeles over-index in the luxury car segment.  That’s the story you can tell.”


Family said the measurement giant plans to make the data available at the format and individual station level.  A station could show that its listeners are more likely to own, say a Ford F150 than any other station in the market.  “Were going to help you shift the conversation and get more granular in helping tell the story of who is listening,” he told the recent New Jersey Broadcasters Association conference.


Family said segmenting audiences by what are known as buyer graphics and demonstrating the impact a campaign had on sales after it ran are two primary ways the Nielsen intends to help stations better tell the story of its audience.  In April the company unveiled research showing that for every dollar spent on radio, advertisers on average received an incremental six dollars in sales from those exposed to a commercial in the prior 28 days.

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