VoiceZone Connect Goes Live

Release Date: 10/11/2012 

Overland Park, KS – Mersoft’s client, Time Warner Cable, today announced the launch of its new Phone product, VoiceZone™ Connect.  VoiceZone Connect was developed by Mersoft for Time Warner and is a software application that allows subscribers to manage their Home Phone from their computer.  Available for PC and Mac, VoiceZone Connect replaces the previous Caller ID service and provides subscribers with the ability to manage several Home Phone features, including real-time alerts, Voicemail, and Contacts.

Features on VoiceZone Connect include:

  • Caller ID on PC – Receive notifications on your computer of an incoming call showing either Caller ID or the contact name you created
  • Call Control – Ignore or immediately send an incoming call to Voicemail or to another phone number
  • Recents – View and manage your recent incoming calls
  • Visual Voicemail – View your Voicemail list and choose whether to listen, delete or manage them in any order you choose
  • Click to Call – Click on a phone number in Recents, Contacts, or Voicemail to easily place a call to that number
  • Contacts – Fully manage all your contacts

Visit the Voice Zone project page for more information on this solution.

Time Warner Cable Press Release