Mersoft offers the world’s best live streaming solution.
That’s a bold claim—here’s how we can make it.

Live video streaming is evolving all the time.
Our team has #eyesoneverything when it comes
to staying at the forefront of the market.

Eyes on the User Experience

End users don’t know the ins and outs of WebRTC. But they do know what they want: live video streaming that works—fast—all the time. At less than 3 seconds, we have the quickest startup in the industry and sub-second latency for live streaming. High satisfaction for customers = rapid adoption and long-term retention.

Eyes on the Technology

Mersoft’s patent-pending technology eliminates transcoding—the bottleneck that plagues all competing methods for live streaming video

Our solution works with all ONVIF certified cameras.

Our software has a small footprint due to lean code, making it ideal for integration with other solutions (our smallest version can run on a Raspberry Pi).

The firmware can be deployed directly to the camera, eliminating the need to change protocols. It’s WebRTC from the start.

Mersoft’s tech works across all platforms, so you can incorporate computing and storage on any combination of cloud, local server, and edge devices.

We craft only high-quality code, and our Mersoft SDK is easy for developers and integrators to use.

Eyes on the Bottom Line

Save on Development:
We’ve seen more than one company spend 6-7 figures and 2+ years trying to build a live video solution in-house. We’ve made it easy to skip the build vs. buy debate.

Save on Operations:
Our solution is 10-20x more effective than competing methods, saving money on computing power for monthly streaming services.

Save on Innovation:
With all the nuts and bolts figured out in advance, your team can focus on new use cases to expand your market impact and grow your revenue.

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