Deliver a compelling user experience everywhere with our powerful WebRTC signaling server.

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Customer satisfaction is a moving target—but instant and reliable access to live streaming services across web browsers is the gold standard. Our best-of-breed WebRTC signaling server and session controller enables you to easily add real-time video, audio, and messaging services to mobile apps, websites, smart TVs, and set-top boxes.

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Multiple Platform Client Libraries

WebRTC on desktop, mobile, set-top and other devices

Web Protocol Technology

Integrate HTTP, WebRTC & RCS requests into service workflow

Video/Voice/SMS Control

Broker service registrations and instantiate service

Real-time Notifications

Notify subscribers of events and incoming service requests

Contact Management

Associate service events with contacts from carrier address book or eContactShare

Subscriber Presence

Maintain and control service availability & online status

Service History

Call logs, event history, notifications, and service events


Multiple security protocols supported including OAuth & SAML


Mersoft move™ opens up
a new world of possibilities
for service providers

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  • Best in breed
  • Network vendor agnostic
  • Built for hybrid networks
  • Robust architecture
  • Horizontal scalability
  • Proven products
  • Enterprise-ready
  • Professional integration support

Enhanced Communication

Video, voice and SMS/MMS in one product offering drives retention and simplifies the user experience

Connect to Anyone

Break the boundaries of the over-the-top apps and their walled gardens. Connect any browsers, mobile devices, smart TVs and set-top boxes

Mobile Ready

Customers take your service and your brand with them wherever they go on Android and iOS devices

Everything’s a Message

Mersoft move™ handles voicemails, text messages, video messages and more

Phone Numbers

Multiple TN support drives customer retention and is great for families or businesses

Business Ready

Service mobility, video and presence appeal to the SMB market

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