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Greater visibility and faster response times increase public safety. Traffic cameras, police dash cams and other cameras monitoring large public spaces like airports and stadiums should work together.  Integrating them is necessary for a public sector safety RTSP live streaming video solution.  Instant live video saves critical seconds and can save lives.

But live video’s value isn’t limited to the life or death situations of police work. Public transit works better as well. With cameras inside and out, today’s trains, subways and busses can be constantly monitored.  For example, modern streetcar systems are beginning to use video analytics to identify parked cars that pose a collision risk along routes.

Upgrading is expensive and as municipal budgets continue to be tight, the need to leverage existing equipment is key.  Many existing video cameras use a combination of H.264 compression and RTSP (real time streaming protocol). Mersoft stream™ makes smart use of existing equipment by accepting the media and converting it from RTSP to WebRTC without transcoding. With the Mersoft connect™ SDK, developers quickly build user experiences for teams on the go carrying Android and Apple iOS devices, or for browser applications that run in command centers. Leveraging Mersoft move™ media server, integrate alerts from smart sensors and AI video analytics so that police see truly live video and can respond to incidents when seconds count.

Mersoft technology can be run on-site where internet access is not possible, and can also be run as a cloud service.

Mersoft stream™ can integrate alerts from smart sensors and A.I. video analytics so that police see truly live video and can respond to incidents when seconds count.

Use Cases

  • Transit: Cameras along a streetcar route are tied to an AI video analytics tool, that alerts operators of cars parked on the tracks.

  • Gunshot Detection: A gunshot detection system sends an alert with GPS location to Mersoft move.   Mersoft instantly provides a live stream from local cameras to a nearby police cruiser and the command center.

  • Outdoor Event: Police working an outdoor music festival have cameras set up around the site tied to a portable command center and smart phones carried by police bike patrol. A radio call of an issue comes to the command center and a live stream of the camera is shown in seconds.  They can relay a suspect’s photo to mobile devices to aid apprehension.


  • Video
  • Audio
  • Text messaging
  • Media sharing

Integration Opportunities

  • AI Video Analytics
  • Gunshot Detection System
  • Police Dash Cam/ Body Cam

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