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Mersoft delivers the best experience for
SMART HOME live video.

With fast startup times, low latency, strong security and an easy to use SDK, the Mersoft SaaS cloud gets you up and running fast and integration with other IoT devices is easy.

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Smart home service adoption is driven by convenience and energy savings but the primary reason customers purchase new services is for peace of mind through smart home live video. In fact, most new networked camera sales are from first-time smart home customers.

Unfortunately today, many applications for viewing camera streams rely on Flash or other transcoding methods so customers complain that it takes a long time to start a video and it’s often delayed by as much as 45 seconds. Mersoft stream™ solves this problem to deliver a truly real-time smart home live video experience.

20% of US broadband households plan to get a networked camera in the next 12 months.*


Use Cases

  • Pet Cam: The latest way for pet lovers to spoil their furry companions through 2-way video and audio.

  • Video Doorbell: connect a camera and provide 2-way audio to answer the door, ward off potential burglars or sales people.

  • Check on the Kids: tied to smart locks, ensure that kids arrive home safely after school

  • Senior Care: Check on an aging parent any time. According to one study, a senior who falls may stay on the floor an hour or more before she is found.


  • Video
  • Audio
  • Text messaging
  • Media sharing

Integration Opportunities

  • Door Locks

  • Alarms

  • Motion Sensors
  • AI Video Analytics

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