Connected Health

Live Streaming Video for a
Superior Patient Care Experience

Connected health shouldn’t have a wait time. Mersoft’s fast startup times and low latency provide seamless video communication for providers and their patients.

Under accountable care reimbursement models, healthcare organizations need better ways to consistently follow up with patients while keeping costs low. Telehealth providers are at the forefront of this movement to help medical providers reduce health complications and readmissions while boosting patient compliance for chronic disease management. Mersoft is helping make that care even more accessible.

40% of payments to physicians and hospitals are now designed to incentivize quality improvement and waste reduction.


Use Cases

Disease Management

Diabetes, COPD, and many other chronic conditions keep patients coming back to the hospital or doctor’s office. Live video consultations can replace many of these in-person visits.

Post-Op Follow Up

After surgery or severe illness, patients can be monitored at home to catch warning signs of complications that could trigger readmission.

Physical/Occupational Therapy

Consistency is key for recovering mobility. Video check-ins help PTs see that the assigned exercises are being followed correctly.

Senior Care

As the population ages in place, patients, caregivers, and providers can collaborate to improve instruction and medication compliance.

Add the Best Live Video to Your
Connected Health Solution


Connected Health solutions with our easy to use SDK and straightforward connection with IoT health devices.


Services such as speech-to-text language translation, provider systems APIs, patient education video libraries.


confidential health information with HIPAA compliant security and Mersoft’s SaaS cloud.


communication among providers, patients, and caregivers anywhere. Participants can share video, audio, text, and test results to support more frequent follow up without the burden and expense of travel.

Our technology is designed for simplicity. Patients can use an interface they already know—web, mobile, or Smart TV—improving adoption rates for an aging population.

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