Mersoft to be Awarded the 2015 Impact Award by ArtsKC Council

ArtsKC Awards Luncheon in January will honor Mersoft with the impact award for showing extraordinary leadership in the arts and creative industry.

November 25, 2014 – Kansas City Metro –  Mersoft, software engineering firm, has been awarded the ‘Impact Award of 2015’—by ArtsKC – Regional Arts Council, a Kansas City non-profit organization serving the five county region to provide funding to artists, arts organizations, and arts programs, as well as build greater connections between the arts and civic and business communities.

This is the first time that Mersoft has claimed this award. “When we foster the arts in Kansas City, we know it makes KC a better place to live and it helps us to attract and retain talent” said Jeff Weiner, VP of Engineering Services at Mersoft. Located in Overland Park, Mersoft is a software engineering firm and a technology start-up incubator.

To support and promote the arts in Kansas City, Mersoft developed a mobile app in partnership with ArtsKC called ArtSnap. The mobile app (both android and iOS) features augmented reality. When users visit Kansas City arts locations, they can take photos with virtual artists such as author Earnest Hemingway or designer Peggy Noland when targeting a special poster or simply being in the right GPS location at 15 sites around the metro.

“We consider the businesses that win the Impact Award as those companies that are leading the way for arts in the community. When a business has a unique set of skills, relationships and partnerships combined with our arts programs, strong things can happen and continue to make Kansas City a unique place to live.” said Harlan Brownlee, President of ArtsKC Regional Arts Council.

Considered one of Kansas City’s most inspiring business events of the years, the 2015 ArtsKC Awards Luncheon will be attended by more than 600 leaders in the business, civic, and arts communities on Friday, January 30, 2015.


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