Mersoft launches it’s newest product, Mersoft stream

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May 15, 2015 – Overland Park, KS – Today, Mersoft announces its newest product. Mersoft stream™ converts RTSP streaming media to WebRTC and HLS with sub-second latency to deliver the best live video streaming experience for video chat, security cameras and more.

The biggest problem accessing live video over a network connection today is the significant delay in both starting the video and in maintaining an experience that is near-real-time. Instead, many applications will require up to 60 seconds to establish a stream only to deliver a poor experience with a slow frame rate, frequent delays and poor resolution. These problems make live video feed over networks nearly useless. The only alternative being expensive hard-wired or closed-circuit (CCTV) equipment.

Mersoft stream™ is ideal for use with Wi-Fi cameras commonly used in homes and businesses. It extracts the H.264 media frames directly from a RTSP stream and repackages them in either WebRTC or HLS without transcoding. It buffers both the inbound and outbound streams to ensure the most consistent experience possible.

Jeff Weiner, VP of Product says, “Every smart-home and security service provider has run into this challenge. We just asked ourselves, why do they have to choose between poor video or expensive equipment? So, we found a way to deliver great RTSP video over Wi-Fi using existing cameras.”

Mersoft stream sits between the RTSP cameras and clients to deliver either WebRTC or HLS video with sub-second delay.

Mersoft offers excellent professional services to integrate with providers’ systems, is carrier-grade and geo-diverse with available 24×7 support.

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About Mersoft:

Mersoft is a Kansas City based software engineering firm delivering technology products and solutions since 1996. They provide carrier-grade technology solutions connecting service providers with their customers for enhanced product offerings needing messaging, video, presence, and real-time connectivity.

Customers describe Mersoft as the “Navy Seals” of software development because they take on tough challenges and consistently deliver. The company culture revolves around excelling in research and development, its engineers are focused on three factors: technology, solutions and services.

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