Mersoft at ISC West 2019 | Let’s Talk

Mersoft at ISC West 2019

The Mersoft team is looking forward to ISC West 2019 this year.  We’ll be in the Emerging Technology Zone – the place that is easy for visitors to find and where new companies show off their tech.

In 2019, there are a few dominant themes that customers keep telling us.

For Smart Home

  • Video is just really hard. It’s different from all the other devices in a smart home and the opportunities to screw up the user experience are endless.  Yet cameras are among the most popular devices purchased by consumers.
  • Customers tell us they want to focus on delivering unique features, not worrying about the logistics of video.

For Commercial Surveillance

  • Many platforms still run on Windows servers and use aging “fat client” Windows applications. They have to run ActiveX controls or use Flash players which both have known security vulnerabilities.
  • Most solutions require port-forwarding and/or VPN connections they want to eliminate.

Mersoftstream solves these challenges for smart home and video surveillance companies with a great live streaming experience that starts fast with low latency. It doesn’t require port forwarding, Flash, or VPN connections. There is an SDK for web, iOS and Android platforms so all client apps can have the same great experience.

How it Works to do Business with Mersoft

  1. We meet and learn about your business.
  2. Mersoft’s expert pro services team works with you to define and deploy a solution to address your specific challenges and goals whether it’s cloud-hosted, locally-installed or something in between.
  3. We stand behind our product 100%

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