What is work?

With over a decade of use in a myriad implementations, Mersoft work® has a solid track record of success.

Client Integration Layer

Massively scalable and flexible presentation layer interface ready for connecting to existing apps or combined with Mersoft connect® and push® for new deployments

Workflow Manager

Configurable options for moving information and tasks through a team for task-based workflow management

Rules Engine

One of the most powerful, flexible and extensible rules engines available which can support custom-developed scripting in multiple programming languages and rapid develop-test-deploy cycles to speed innovation and process improvement


Open and standards-based security infrastructure accessible through OAuth and other means

Service Integration

The base layer of Mersoft work® which is specifically designed with multiple ready-made plug-ins and a well-defined architecture that makes it easy to add new ones and integrate with any system or network interface

Scale Layer

Transaction-based processing allowing the system to scale vertical and horizontal handling the most demanding of workloads

Mersoft work™ is at the heart of many Mersoft products and is running at major service providers.  It’s the most cost-effective and scalable solution you can get for a custom rules-driven application.

Don’t scope a full custom software build.  Call us and get to work faster with Mersoft work™.