Time Warner Cable engaged Mersoft to create a new desktop tool on PCs and Macs for its subscribers to manage all their residential phone calling features.
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The application has a highly scalable and flexible server layer combined with a visually striking desktop client that reflects the client’s brand image.


  • Engineer a rich desktop experience for Time Warner Cable customers that integrates with their existing network and back-office systems while providing a robust, scalable and flexible architecture to build on in the future.

Plan of Attack:

  • Built the desktop client using HTML, javascript and jQuery with Adobe Air© as the delivery mechanism.  This method combines the feature richness of an installed client with the version update flexibility of a web application
  • Work closely with the TWC network and product teams to deliver the best features customers expect and integrate it effectively with existing network systems
  • Leveraged Oracle WebLogic, SIP, Diameter, Java, JMS, Spring, REST, and SOA design principles
  • Implemented a Drools rules engine for fast processing, flexible changes and to accommodate multiple client versions connecting simultaneously
  • Deliver a high-quality finished product on time and on budget

The Impact:

  • TWC subscribers have a powerful tool on their computer to manage their TWC home phone service, read voicemails, forward calls and manage contacts
  • The solution provides TWC with a platform that integrates with their other key systems and is positioned to provide new features and a flexible architecture for future integration projects
  • The product is a key differentiator for Time Warner Cable in an increasingly competitive marketplace