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It’s why service providers choose Mersoft again and again.

Harness the power of WebRTC for amazing voice, messaging, and video chat for your business and residential customers.

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Modernize and scale existing video streams to deliver real-time results and expand current product offerings.

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Build smart workflow into your customer service interactions and imagine the possibilities of integrated service offerings.

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Deliver contact-centric services to your customers using advanced address book functionality and leverage the power of a socially connected world.


How do you deliver service?

No matter how you do it, Mersoft has you covered

  • Cable Operators

    Delivering advanced services with Mersoft move™ that bring new value to the land-line with integrated text messaging, video chat and security camera streaming

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  • Telecommunications

    Delivering WebRTC® over IMS and charging forward with RCS (Rich Communication Services) using innovative middle-layer implementations of Mersoft work™, connecting clients to IMS networks

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World class service providers trust Mersoft to bring innovation and stability

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