Connected health (also known as telehealth) solutions are growing in importance as healthcare providers and insurance companies increase focus on improving outcomes. The biggest growth in this area may be in finding better ways to manage the care of chronic conditions such as heart disease and diabetes. These and other conditions require frequent follow-ups which lend themselves well to connected health technologies.

Mersoft’s connected health solution for smart tv, mobile and web enables developers to include low-latency video and WebRTC directly into their applications with Mersoft stream™. They can host the product or leverage Mersoft’s SaaS offering for even easier integration and support. Connecting patients to doctors, nurses, and case managers by video has several advantages. The number of quality interactions goes up without increasing travel burdens for patients and their loved ones. Furthermore, insurers such as Medicare now offer higher reimbursements for video compared to telephone interactions.

40% of payments to physicians and hospitals are now designed to incentivize quality improvement and waste reduction.

– Catalyst for Payment Reform

Use Cases

  • Disease Management: Chronic conditions drive repeated hospital visits for patients each year.  Supplementing office visits with regular video visits ensures patients are following doctor’s instructions and new issues are found faster.

  • Post-Operative Follow Up: After surgery, nurses can visit with patients to catch warning signs that might have gone unnoticed and triggered a readmission.

  • Physical/Occupational Therapy: Regular video checkpoints with patients allow the PT to see that exercises assigned between office visits are being followed correctly.

  • Senior Care: Joint chat session between patient, caregiver and healthcare provider improve instruction and medication compliance.


  • Video
  • Audio
  • Text messaging
  • Sharing test results

Integration Opportunities

  • Speech-to-text language translation
  • Provider systems API
  • Video patient educational content

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