Vertigo Music Real-Time Video Case Study

Vertigo Music Real-Time Video Case Study

Vertigo Music & Mersoft

VP of Operations Nathan Haley at Vertigo Music sat down with Jeff Weiner of Mersoft to discuss the successful deployment of Mersoft Stream to power Vertigo Music real-time video for social media live streaming.  Vertigo Music has created a disruptive platform for music fans to gather enjoy their favorite artists in real time anywhere in the world.

The Setup

To succeed, Vertigo Music needed a live video and audio streaming technology with super-low latency and a great user experience even in low-bandwidth situations.  Mersoft Stream combined with our world-class professional services team delivered.  What happened was the two companies didn’t just have a customer-vendor relationship but collaborated as a single team.  And, that’s how Mersoft does it.  Many companies toss around the term, “partner,” but Mersoft’s core values are doing the job with quality, skill and integrity.  We align our project goals with our customer’s.  We are not successful unless our customers…our PARTNERS are successful.

But, we won’t steal Nathan’s thunder, listen to him tell the story!

About Vertigo Music

The soundtrack of your life is no longer limited to static playlists or your imagination. Invite your friends, your followers or the world to share in every moment of your life in a new way – one where they can listen to your curated songs beat-for-beat while you layer in live video, audio and chat.

About Mersoft

We are a software product company based in the Kansas City metro.  We’ve been at it since 1996 delivering technology products and solutions.  Customers describe us as the “Navy SEALs” of software because we take on tough challenges and consistently deliver innovative solutions that grow their revenue and open new markets.