Solve Your Camera Live Streaming Problems


Solving Your Camera Live Streaming Problems With Mersoft

Providers of video security solutions for Smart Home and commercial markets are realizing the innovation and value that live streaming video can deliver. Some see live streaming as a strategic tool for their product line. A tool that will help them grow in an ever-changing digital world. Additionally, others rely on live streaming to enable new business models and areas of growth. While many opportunities and benefits exist, the technology is still young. As a result, you may be looking for solutions to your camera live streaming problems.

Whether in the Smart Home or Commercial security space, providers are looking to build out capabilities for live streaming video within their existing, or new, solutions. Each face their own set of challenges around implementation. Let’s be honest, challenges really mean pain (and sometimes suffering) for the developers solving them. In the live video streaming world, there is plenty of pain to go around.

Commercial Market

Commercial video security solutions are nothing new. There are a number of companies who have been successful with traditional video technology. They are now challenged with delivering live streaming video across a variety of new applications – web, mobile, and set-top applications – while leveraging their existing infrastructure.

Commercial Pain #1: Aging Technology

It can be painful to implement features for today’s market with yesterday’s technology. Options like RTSP and Adobe Flash were the go-to’s for developing Windows video clients back in the day. Now they have become a major source of pain and frustration for developers looking to implement new clients. Mersoft understands this, and provides a set of SDKs purpose-built to develop streaming video clients on today’s operating systems and devices. From Android to iOS, set-top boxes, smart TVs, and even web browsers, our SDK’s do the heavy lifting for you. We include starting one or multiple live streams on a client, sending and receiving alerts, seamless and reliable new device setup, and eliminate the pain around retrofitting RTSP or Adobe Flash applications for our clients.

Commercial Pain #2: Live Streaming is Too Slow for Mobile

Typical solutions that stream live video to mobile devices include a step for HTTPS Live Streaming (HLS) transcoding. This transcoding process can have a negative impact on streaming rates. As a result, it is not uncommon to see 8 to even 30 second latency added to the stream. Developers are challenged to create a variety of tactics and approaches to reduce latency that only ends up hurting the overall user experience of the video solution.

Mersoft Stream eases the pain of latency with WebRTC. It extracts the H.264 media frames directly from the RTSP stream and repackages them into WebRTC without transcoding. This means sub-second latency and more, highly satisfied users.

Commercial Pain #3: Port Forwarding Problems are a Constant Maintenance Headache

Any solution that provides remote access to cameras will likely require a VPN tunnel (Virtual Private Network). That’s because the common camera streaming technology is RTSP and it is not a secure protocol.  So, it must be “wrapped” in a VPN tunnel to be secure.  Also, the firewall that allows the connection of RTSP to the outside world needs to be configured to permit it.  That is accomplished with port forwarding.  Unfortunately, for the SMB market, most use remotely-monitored internet modems.  Every time those modems are reset, they lose their configuration and the security installer gets a call to fix it.  

Mersoft Stream solves this problem by converting the video to WebRTC. WebRTC is both secure and does not require port forwarding. No more truck rolls!

Smart Home Market

The market for Smart Home video solutions is relatively young. However, there are a number of providers doing extremely well in this space. Unfortunately, more and more are pained by the limitations of outdated technology they’ve leveraged, and are being challenged to meet the consumer demands as Smart Home sophistication increases.

Smart Home Pain #1: Big Brands Offering More and More Features

The Smart Home video space has a range of players from SMB companies to even more massive brands like Google and Amazon launching new security solutions. There is a constant escalation of product differentiation due to these companies reducing cost, adding new voice control features (Alexa, Google Assistant), and providing elegant and user-friendly applications. Both SMB development teams and incumbent security providers feel the pain of constantly integrating new features into their products. While those working with relatively inflexible commercial video platforms struggle even more.

The Mersoft Professional Services Team eases this pain. They provide a roadmap for building out an end-to-end WebRTC solution, developing a best-in-class user experience, and integrating voice assistants. Additionally, the cost-effective Mersoft Platform provides powerful features to support the road map.

Smart Home Pain #2: Commercial Streaming Options Limit to Mobile and HLS

Many Smart Home security providers use open source or third party commercial video solutions as their base platform. Due to the constant evolution of market expectations, Smart Home security providers are rushing to deliver low-latency video streams to a variety of different consumer device types. Unfortunately, they are limited by traditional HLS transcoding, which makes it nearly impossible to deliver a web client offered using most commercial video platforms.

As previously mentioned, we can eliminate this pain by removing HLS transcoding (and associated latency). Instead, Mersoft leverages WebRTC but makes it easy by providing SDKs purpose-built for web browser, mobile, set-top box, and Smart TV device applications.

Common Pain for Commercial and Smart Home Security Providers

Both Commercial and Smart Home security providers have unique pains around live video streaming. And, they do share one common ailment – camera OEM software. Many providers use the software provided by camera hardware OEMs for provisioning, configuration, and stream delivery within their larger video solution. It’s not uncommon to find camera OEMs that with great hardware and not so great software. They are hardware pros after all.

Lack of features and questionable security in the OEM software can be difficult for the video security provider. Sometimes, they end up investing their own resources to fill gaps within the OEM software.  Other times,  they simply live with a lack of features. Mersoft is a live video streaming and storage platform built for today’s best practices. It provides the full feature-set and high level of security required for long-term success. Success in both the Commercial and Smart Home security markets.

Pain while developing new, innovative video solutions is unavoidable. Fortunately, Mersoft is here to help alleviate yours. Talk with our Professional Services Team to learn more.

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Solve Your Camera Live Streaming Problems2019-08-22T16:48:30-06:00

WebRTC Camera Streaming: How Hard Can It Be?


The build versus buy argument for adding new software to the stack has been around since the beginning of commercial platform offerings and the debate continues to rage today. Should you build your own WebRTC camera streaming platform or license a commercial offering like Mersoft? Depending on who you speak to, you will have a variety of opinions ranging from “How hard can it be? Let’s build it” to “We should focus on our core product and leave the platform to a vendor”.

In today’s commercial and smart home security products users demand extremely low-latency video. Not just on one device, but across many including mobile, desktop web, and Smart TV. Therefore, a robust and secure live video streaming platform is crucial to success in the market. Companies looking to deploy these products continue to debate over the build vs buy of their underlying video streaming platform. At Mersoft, we’ve helped dozens of video security companies realize that often the choice to “buy” is a much more viable option than “build”.

We’ve distilled the essence of these conversations down into four core questions video security companies should ask themselves when they work through their decision to build or buy.

1. Do You Know Exactly What You Need to Build?

The term “exactly” is important here as our goal with this question is to ensure the customer understands the fundamental technical components required in a video streaming platform. This information will ultimately inform on the cost of resources and time required to build them all. We walk through the answer to this by defining the following core areas.

Select a Streaming Technology

There are many choices out there for streaming from RTSP (real time streaming protocol) to Adobe Flash(C), HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) and more. Teams often choose what they know best. Recently, Mersoft published a white paper on the choices and recommends WebRTC as the best option. However, that technology has its own set of challenges. When it was released as an open-source project by Google, they provided a set of demo applications that left many developers with the impression it was simple. It’s not. Here are just a few things to keep in mind:

Signaling Server

By default WebRTC does not provide the signaling technology required to properly set-up, maintain, and terminate live video connections between the source and client application. To do so in an elegant and robust way, the signaling server will need to be developed with strong support for multiple web protocols (HTTP, WebRTC, RCS), capabilities around secure session management, real-time notifications, video/voice/SMS control, security, service history, and more. The server must be scalable to large volumes of concurrent sessions. Additionally, it must select and switch to the best network connection in real time.

Video Streaming

Converting RTSP streams to WebRTC in a highly efficient manner is critical to minimizing latency and providing a great experience for end-users. Unfortunately the common open-source transcoding technology available today just doesn’t fit the bill. This forces teams building in-house to develop additional hacks to minimize latency from the transcoding process. The common result is a streaming experience that is slow to start, laggy, jittery and consumes significant compute resources.

Client Applications

From the end-user perspective, latency and user experience are the core criteria they’ll use to rate your product. In-house engineering teams will be tasked to deliver highly compelling user experiences across a range of devices and applications. Thus, it will require them to staff device-specific development expertise and support various code bases. All this will have to be considered along with worrying about providing a consistent user experience across applications.

2. Do You Have the Right Engineering Resources?

Based on the technical components above, does the engineering team have the right skills and experience? This is a fundamental question that is often overlooked by teams who may be set on building in-house and assume their team can handle anything. What we typically find are teams with brilliant people in their specific domains but lacking the overall breadth of experience in video streaming to deliver extremely high quality software in each area. Outsourcing or adding new headcount is an option but adds cost and risk to the project with participation of new and potentially unvetted resources.

3. Can you Afford On-going Support and Maintenance?

Once you build your own video streaming platform your team will need to support and maintain it. This involves securing and scaling your own infrastructure, applying software patches, and constant tuning by DevOps practitioners. Furthermore, these all potentially require new Opex for the organization to support. We see the yearly cost of this easily running into the $300K+ range for basic platforms.

4. Are You Focusing Your Talent on Product Innovation and Differentiation?

If engineers are building the platform they’re typically not focusing on creating best-in-class products. We see the pace of innovation slow drastically as teams switch focus away from core product development to platform development. Launch dates slip, product quality dips, and as a result, differentiation in the market can suffer. Focusing engineers around your core competency of product development can ensure you stay competitive. Staying competitive means having an elegant, intuitive app experience and value-added integrations with other smart home and security devices. Even more, it requires an integration with powerful analytics as well as other capabilities that make a company stand out from the competition.

Say “Yes” to Buy, “No” to Build For WebRTC Camera Streaming

Mersoft provides you with answers and solutions to all of the “build versus buy” questions above. From streaming and signalling functionality to robust SDKs for rapid application enablement across multiple client-types (web, mobile, STB) we’ve spent over 4 years and $8M+ developing the components of our best-in-class platform for your success. Above all, our highly experienced Professional Services Team is available to engage across the entire product development lifecycle, providing guidance and support to make your project successful. Let us handle the platform so your team can focus on what they do best – building great products.

For more information on how Mersoft can make your video streaming solution successful, talk with our team now.

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WebRTC Camera Streaming: How Hard Can It Be?2019-03-11T18:39:25-06:00

Camera Live Streaming With Mersoft WebRTC Professional Services


Great Video Experiences are Hard

Whether building out an entirely new live video streaming solution or modernizing a legacy platform, doing WebRTC well is hard. At Mersoft, we’ve invested years of time and millions of dollars building our video streaming platform.  It takes care of the majority of heavy lifting for you. Awesome, right? However, “majority” does not mean “all.” So, even with using an industry leading platform like Mersoft to solve your WebRTC needs, there is still quite a bit of WebRTC professional services and system integration work to be done.

In a world of finite resources, most product engineering teams are not only challenged to staff adequate personnel to work on the core product. Teams also must support the underlying platform integrations. Then, there’s more challenge to find the right expertise to handle all the nuances of WebRTC. WebRTC is a relatively new technology and developing quickly. Many engineering teams have not yet built the knowledge in-house to feel 100% confident taking their web video solution from start to finish. The risk they run from bringing in external resources to address these gaps in the team may be overrun of project cost, late product delivery, and, in some extreme cases, a tarnished brand from faulty engineering (e.g., excessive bugs or latency in the video stream).

Getting the Right Help is Key

At Mersoft, our WebRTC Professional Services Team is dedicated to preventing any and all of these risks by providing hands-on support throughout the product development lifecycle. Our team of WebRTC system integration experts have helped dozens of providers. From IoT startups to large brand-name enterprises, we’ve successfully launched many solutions. We break our focus down into the five main areas of modernization of existing video solutions, product strategy, architectural design, hands-on technical development, and general program management. Let’s take a look at each of these below.

Modernization of Aging Video Streaming Solutions

If you are an IoT startup or other company looking to roll-out your first video solution, you get to start from scratch with WebRTC. However, the majority of providers in the space already support video solutions and are challenged with modernizing their technology stack and product offering for web video. This typically means integrating WebRTC with an existing RTSP system or replacing applications that use Adobe Flash or HLS.  Then there’s more: building out new user experiences across consumer devices (web, mobile, set-top box, Smart TV), and learning how to support and maintain new technology. From top to bottom, this “modernization” of an existing video streaming solution can be a major challenge for engineering teams unfamiliar with the nuances of WebRTC and user expectations around application experience and video latency.

The Mersoft team strongly supports these efforts through needs analysis, solution design and integration planning, program management, and hands-on technical support. We steer customers through the pitfalls of WebRTC system integration and make sure their solution meets market demands around scalability, latency, user experience, and more.

Jeff Smith, CTO of Mersoft has advised many customers. “Our WebRTC professional services team has experience with so many different implementations. No matter the challenge, we’ve probably seen it before, and have a good approach for the customer.”

WebRTC Product Strategy

“We are most effective when we challenge assumptions and ask customers direct questions.”

Whether launching their first video streaming product or modernizing an existing solution, providers are not always certain on the best direction. Today’s market expectations around latency and user experience extremely high. Therefore, it’s critical for companies to be 100% confident in their strategy and design before diving into development. The Mersoft team provides business analysts, user experience designers, and product strategists that collaborate deeply with product innovators. They work inside companies to define the features of a new service offering. This can include UX mock-ups, workflow mapping, and support of focus group testing to be sure the product experience is on target. Jeff Weiner, VP of Product Marketing and Sales says, “We are most effective when we challenge assumptions and ask customers direct questions.  As a result, we help define revenue models and tie feature benefits to very tangible ROI. It’s a great collaboration with every customer.”

Hands-on WebRTC Development

During initial product development and then ongoing maintenance, it’s hard to successfully staff all the right skills. The Mersoft professional services team engages in any area of technical development. For example, skills range from optimizing video and audio streams to enhancing the user experience of applications. They bring a deep background of knowledge and experience in the WebRTC space. We pride ourselves on the success of our customers. Therefore, we’re ready for short- or long-term engagements to make sure customers get there.

Architecture and Design of WebRTC Security Camera Streaming Solutions

The success of every new initiative hinges on thoughtful design and planning. Our customers’ engineering teams staff extremely smart people. Yet, many times they are deficient in hands-on WebRTC experience. So, they’re challenged to effectively architect and plan a bullet-proof solution. Mersoft has senior architects and engineers with a passion for new technology. Engineers that thrive on helping customers identify and overcome potential challenges before they become engineering obstacles. In addition, our team collaborates directly with customer teams in lab testing. Together, they validate assumptions of the solution before our customers step too deep into their development.

WebRTC Camera Live Stream Program Management

To help guide customer projects down a path of success, Mersoft will bring experienced program managers. Each has a strong track record of delivering projects on time and budget. They work with customer teams to develop project plans and serve as the single point of contact. They identify and proactively manage risks and issues, collaborate across teams and vendors, and more. As industry experts, our program managers are hyper-focused on ensuring the project runs on-time and on budget to maximize success.

Your Insurance Policy for Project Success

Nobody likes risk, especially for a strategic initiative like new product launch or modernization. Yet, they are critical to compete strongly in the market. By leveraging Mersoft Professional Services, engineering and product leaders can minimize that risk. They can feel 100% confident in delivering an amazing product to market. The Mersoft team can engage in any phase of the product development lifecycle and guide solution providers in launching market-winning products. Talk to the Mersoft WebRTC Professional Services Team now to learn more about how they can help make your next project successful.

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Camera Live Streaming With Mersoft WebRTC Professional Services2019-03-08T11:39:28-06:00

Removing WebRTC Camera Live Streaming Assumptions in the Smart Home


Over the past few years Mersoft has helped startup video security providers extend their existing solutions with the addition of Web Real Time Communication (WebRTC) and prosper from streaming onto the web. Companies who never thought they could afford the cost, time, or complexity of development to innovate their products toward new use cases, differentiate in the market, and unlock new business models have been able to with our help. Every project presents it’s own set of technical challenges. However, many times the biggest challenge of all is removing WebRTC camera live streaming assumptions held by IoT startups.

We repeatedly see providers stuck with the assumptions that integrating WebRTC is either too difficult, too costly, or doesn’t provide a clear path to ROI. Depending on the direction the startup provider goes in to build their own video streaming platforms, this may be true. However, when leveraging an existing commercial platform, like Mersoftstream, that doesn’t have to be the case . Let’s see how.

My Video Solution Is Good Enough Today, Why Should I Consider WebRTC Camera Live Streaming?

WebRTC is now the best way to deliver live video over the web between security cameras, mobile devices, and IoT products. Companies that have innovated based on this standard enjoy a range of strong business values from capturing more market share, boosting recurring revenue, revolutionizing service offerings, and more.

Stand Out From The Competition

With WebRTC, startup security and IoT providers are able to differentiate their products from the competition with seamless user experiences. Customers can “see” their home or business in real-time rather than only from recorded playback. Additionally, WebRTC live streaming enables the many device platforms that we all expect today  These devices include mobile, desktop web, set-top box, or Smart TV. As startup providers build out user experiences across these devices they are able to address a larger proportion of their target market. As a result, they are able to please end users with specific device preferences.

New Services and Business Models

Live streaming video with WebRTC also allows for new value-add services and associated business models. Many SMB providers offer a recorded playback option on top of their base live video solution that customers pay additional cost for. They may also tie in advanced analytics, like object or face recognition, and up-sell higher levels of service around intrusion detection, elderly patient monitoring, and manufacturing quality.

Compete With Big Brands

With the Internet of Things (IoT) and home automation taking off in the market, WebRTC is enabling IoT startups to also compete with the big brands for share of the Smart Home security market. Consumers now expect streaming from their video camera to be triggered by some other device in the house, such as a doorbell, and displayed on their mobile phone or desktop web browser for viewing. When IoT startups can offer this live functionality, they compete strongly in the prized (and very large) Smart Home market.

Integrating WebRTC into my current solution is too difficult and expensive!

Often, startup engineering teams who have built traditional RTSP solutions look at WebRTC and shudder. They envision long months of building out signaling and streaming servers, supporting new levels of user authentication, and hassling open source transcoding software. Leadership sees an associated high cost of development and likely additional headcount to bring in specific areas of expertise not required by their RTSP solution. This is especially a concern around client development to support web, mobile, (iOS and Android), set-top box, and Smart TV applications. It all seems extremely difficult and expensive. Fortunately, that doesn’t have to be the case.

Platform Development: It’s Handled

With Mersoft, the heavy lifting has been done for the engineering teams. So, no platform development is required. All of the components required to stream web video are provided out of the box. Mersoft uses conversion, rather than transcoding, of RTSP to WebRTC to drastically minimize latency. With basic API-level integrations the startup solution can relatively easily integrate with Mersoft and gain access to the full power of these video streaming capabilities.

Reduce Application Development Cycles

Leveraging the Mersoft ClientSDK, startup engineering teams can drastically reduce application development cycles for common devices used by consumers to view real-time video. While the Mobile SDK supports Android, iOS, set-top box, and SmartTV applications the Mersoft Javascript SDK supports desktop web browser applications, minimizing the amount of required work and hiring of external expertise.

Professional, Knowledgeable Support

At any point in the project, startup engineering teams can leverage Mersoft Professional Services for their projects. Engineering VPs don’t need to look outside for new resources and adding risk. Mersoft Pro Serve can step in for solution design, architecture, implementation, and more. As a flexible extension to the team, Mersoft Pro Serve saves even more resources on the project.

Tying it All Together

Mersoft’s solution is purpose-built for the world of web-based and IoT video applications in the commercial and residential markets. It is lean, well-designed, and ready for integration by startups focused on getting a strong ROI. We’ve been highly successful helping dozens of organizations save years of time and hundreds of thousands of dollars. They simply chose the solution that has already solved the hard problem of fast, reliable real-time video. With a clear ROI, with cost and complexity assumptions addressed, SMB customers can plan timely entry into the market. They can offer truly real-time video solutions that are reliable and easy, putting them ahead of the competition.

Learn more about Mersoft and how it can help you integrate WebRTC. Connect with our Professional Services Team.

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Removing WebRTC Camera Live Streaming Assumptions in the Smart Home2019-03-12T13:02:09-06:00

Mersoft at ISC West 2019 | Let’s Talk

Mersoft at ISC West 2019

The Mersoft team is looking forward to ISC West 2019 this year.  We’ll be in the Emerging Technology Zone – the place that is easy for visitors to find and where new companies show off their tech.

In 2019, there are a few dominant themes that customers keep telling us.

For Smart Home

  • Video is just really hard. It’s different from all the other devices in a smart home and the opportunities to screw up the user experience are endless.  Yet cameras are among the most popular devices purchased by consumers.
  • Customers tell us they want to focus on delivering unique features, not worrying about the logistics of video.

For Commercial Surveillance

  • Many platforms still run on Windows servers and use aging “fat client” Windows applications. They have to run ActiveX controls or use Flash players which both have known security vulnerabilities.
  • Most solutions require port-forwarding and/or VPN connections they want to eliminate.

Mersoftstream solves these challenges for smart home and video surveillance companies with a great live streaming experience that starts fast with low latency. It doesn’t require port forwarding, Flash, or VPN connections. There is an SDK for web, iOS and Android platforms so all client apps can have the same great experience.

How it Works to do Business with Mersoft

  1. We meet and learn about your business.
  2. Mersoft’s expert pro services team works with you to define and deploy a solution to address your specific challenges and goals whether it’s cloud-hosted, locally-installed or something in between.
  3. We stand behind our product 100%

Ready to get started? Book a meeting with Mersoft at ISC West today.

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Mersoft at ISC West 2019 | Let’s Talk2019-03-04T14:59:56-06:00

Mersoft Attending Connections Europe 2018

Parks Associates Connections Europe 2018

connections Europe 2018

Meet Mersoft in Amsterdam for the Connections Europe 2018 conference.

Connect with our team using the form, or just give us a call.

Phone: +1-913-871-6210

We look forward to meeting you at Connections Europe in Amsterdam November 13-14.

Our innovation-focused team will be talking with like-minded security and smart home professionals that want to transform their video live streaming experiences.


    Mersoft Attending Connections Europe 20182018-10-16T15:52:17-06:00

    PRESS RELEASE – Join Mersoft at Park’s Associates CONNECTIONS 2018 in San Francisco

    For Immediate Release

    Erika Collins


    Jeff Weiner, Mersoft, to present at Parks Associates’ 22nd-annual
    CONNECTIONS™: The Premier Connected Home Conference


    Kansas City, May 17, 2018 – Mersoft announced today that Jeff Weiner will participate as a speaker at Parks Associates’ 22nd-annual CONNECTIONS™: The Premier Connected Home Conference, which will be held May 22-24 at the Hyatt Regency in San Francisco. CONNECTIONS™, which includes more than 650 executives, focuses on ways to engage consumers and grow revenues in the converging IoT industries, including smart home, connected health, and mobile and entertainment ecosystems.

    Jeff Weiner, VP of Product Marketing & Sales, Mersoft, will participate in the session “Independent Living: Serving Consumers at Home” on Thursday, May 24th at 10:30 PDT. The interactive panel session, moderated by Kristen Hanich, Research Analyst, Parks Associates, examines the key health use case for the smart home in independent living. With an aging but independently-minded population, the U.S. market is seeing a surge in demand for smart solutions that enable the ill and elderly to live safely at home. This session examines the opportunities for providers, vendors, and caretakers as the smart home and connected home crossover.

    According to Park’s Associates research:

    • 45% of current caregivers in the U.S. would pay for a home living service package for a loved one and more than one-third of caregivers interested in a home living service package are willing to pay $35 per month for this service.
    • Additionally, up to 70% of U.S. broadband households express strong interest in smart home packages that feature multiple cross-industry benefits.

    “Our industry has approached an inflection point. Smart home has moved past security in the consumers’ mind and they are looking for new value from the technology.  At the same time, companies like Mersoft are converging technologies to make a whole new array of services possible.  We’re excited about the new ways families can care for loved ones, seek medical advice and ultimately build stronger relationships.”

    – Jeff Weiner, VP Product Marketing & Sales, Mersoft.

    The conference also features keynotes by executives from Comcast, Google, Intel, Samsung, and T-Mobile, as well as new research from Parks Associates. Sessions will provide insight into critical issues including consumer privacy, interoperability, partnerships, platform integration, big data, personalization, and new distribution models.

    “Compelling user experiences are driving smart home products to the mainstream, and the experience after purchase is essential to keep consumers buying,” said Tom Kerber, Director of IoT Strategy, Parks Associates. “CONNECTIONS™ measures the smart home user experience and what capabilities are essential from their smart home solutions.”

    More information about CONNECTIONS™ is available at Press passes for the event are available at To speak with an analyst or request specific research data, please contact Julia Homier at or 972.996.0214. Follow the conference on Twitter at @CONNECTIONS_US and #CONNUS18.

    About Mersoft

    Kansas City based Mersoft has been creating innovative products and custom solutions for over 20 years.  Its products are purpose-built for the best live streaming video and audio experiences for the smart home and connected health.  With the fastest start-up time and lowest latency, Mersoft requires no browser plug-ins, no Flash and is secure.  The SDK makes it easy to integrate into web, mobile or smart TV apps.  Service is available globally and scalability virtually limitless with Mersoft cloud hosting.

    In addition to smart home and connected health, Mersoft products are used in communications services, video surveillance, and social media live streaming.  Mersoft is committed to customer success with world-class professional services and a culture focused on excelling in research and development.


    Parks Associates’ 22nd-annual CONNECTIONS™: The Premier Connected Home Conference will take place May 22-24, 2018, at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport in San Francisco. CONNECTIONS™ is the premier connected home event hosting more than 600 executives from the connected entertainment, IoT, and smart home industries. Throughout the event, sponsors offer tabletop demos during networking events, spotlighting new technology innovations and services for the entertainment, mobile, and smart home market segments. For more information, contact, call 972-490-1113, visit

    learn more
    PRESS RELEASE – Join Mersoft at Park’s Associates CONNECTIONS 2018 in San Francisco2019-03-01T14:29:16-06:00

    Vertigo Music Real-Time Video Case Study

    Vertigo Music Real-Time Video Case Study

    Vertigo Music & Mersoft

    VP of Operations Nathan Haley at Vertigo Music sat down with Jeff Weiner of Mersoft to discuss the successful deployment of Mersoft Stream to power Vertigo Music real-time video for social media live streaming.  Vertigo Music has created a disruptive platform for music fans to gather enjoy their favorite artists in real time anywhere in the world.

    The Setup

    To succeed, Vertigo Music needed a live video and audio streaming technology with super-low latency and a great user experience even in low-bandwidth situations.  Mersoft Stream combined with our world-class professional services team delivered.  What happened was the two companies didn’t just have a customer-vendor relationship but collaborated as a single team.  And, that’s how Mersoft does it.  Many companies toss around the term, “partner,” but Mersoft’s core values are doing the job with quality, skill and integrity.  We align our project goals with our customer’s.  We are not successful unless our customers…our PARTNERS are successful.

    But, we won’t steal Nathan’s thunder, listen to him tell the story!

    About Vertigo Music

    The soundtrack of your life is no longer limited to static playlists or your imagination. Invite your friends, your followers or the world to share in every moment of your life in a new way – one where they can listen to your curated songs beat-for-beat while you layer in live video, audio and chat.

    About Mersoft

    We are a software product company based in the Kansas City metro.  We’ve been at it since 1996 delivering technology products and solutions.  Customers describe us as the “Navy SEALs” of software because we take on tough challenges and consistently deliver innovative solutions that grow their revenue and open new markets.

    Vertigo Music Real-Time Video Case Study2018-04-04T09:23:02-06:00

    Mersoft Exhibiting at ISC West 2018 Booth #520 in Fabulous Las Vegas!


    Mersoft Exhibiting at ISC West 2018 in Booth 520

    Today, the Kansas City-based company, Mersoft exhibiting at the premier security event in the US –  ISC West 2018.   Located in booth #520, in the Innovators Showcase.  The Mersoft team will be demonstrating its newest release of software for live-streaming video and audio.  “We’re excited to be attending this year because the response from people has been just incredible,” said Jeff Weiner, Vice President of Product, Marketing and Sales.  “Mersoft is having a great year and our product team has been working overtime.”  Chief Technology Officer Jeff Smith added, “People are telling us that they find integration easy because we offer so many options.  The software runs in a client data center, in a server room isolated from the internet, or in the cloud.”

    The company’s flagship product, Mersoft Stream, offers the fastest start-up time and lowest latency live streaming video.  It’s easy to secure and to integrate with an SDK for web, iOS and Android.    The company will announce new product innovations during the show week and have demos available for people to see.  Customers finding value in Mersoft technology include Video Management Systems, cameras OEMs, Smart Home service providers and more.  Any company that wants to improve how they move live video streams from point A to point B will find value in one of Mersoft’s solutions .

    Currently, the conference team is making reservations for meetings during the show and are looking forward to a dynamic week.

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    About Mersoft

    For over 20 years, Mersoft has been creating innovative products and custom solutions. Its products are purpose-built for the best live streaming video and audio experiences for smart home and video surveillance. With the fastest start-up time and lowest latency, Mersoft requires no browser plug-ins, no Flash and is secure. The SDK makes it easy to integrate into web, mobile or smart TV apps. Cloud service available globally or deploy in your datacenter or on local Linux and Windows servers.

    About ISC West

    The International Security Conference & Exposition – also known as ISC West – is the largest event in the U.S. for the physical security industry. It covers Access Control, Alarms & Monitoring, Biometrics, IP Security, Video Surveillance / CCTV, Networked Security Products and more. At ISC West, you’ll discover the newest security products & security technology, network with colleagues & security professionals, and gain valuable security industry training & knowledge to keep you ahead through SIA Education@ISC.

    Mersoft Exhibiting at ISC West 2018 Booth #520 in Fabulous Las Vegas!2018-03-20T16:05:08-06:00

    The story behind the “M” in the lobby

    Mersoft has been in a remodeling mode for the last few months as we upgrade the office after several years. The old office was perfectly serviceable, but things were getting a little worn.  So we made updates to provide more space and reflect the Mersoft culture. When the dust settled (literally) and we moved back in, a decision was made to not just have an interior designer pick everything and be done, but really make the updated space reflect the company and it’s history. One step in that direction is the recently-installed Mersoft logo “M” in the Overland Park office lobby.

    The sign company designed and built it using processor boards from actual Mersoft servers. Ron Sloop, CEO, said, “ Mersoft has this great track record of innovative and unique technology projects since we got our start in the 90’s.  This was a creative way to showcase how technology is at our and part of the Mersoft culture. It makes it especially meaningful that they took boards from some of our old servers.”

    Once the sign company mounted the M on the wall and electrician wired the LED lights, comments came in from employees and clients alike saying what a cool way to reflect our passion for tech at Mersoft.

    Next, we need to find a good use for our collection of old Apple computers. . .

    The story behind the “M” in the lobby2018-01-09T16:47:45-06:00
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