Telecommunication operators have innovated at an unprecedented rate, bringing new technologies to consumers and businesses that have changed the way we live. Moreover, consumers have become accustomed to the pace of innovation and have ever-expanding expectations for service, features and value. The U.S. market continues a march of consolidation as greater efficiencies are sought and competition drives down margins. The industry is racing to complete its LTE rollout, implement Voice over LTE (VoLTE) and forge ahead in the as-yet unclear future of the internet of things.

Mersoft Products & Solutions Are Solving Wireless Problems and Driving New Revenue

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Mersoft innovation starts at the customer interface layer but doesn’t end there. Our team of expert engineers is delivering new advances running WebRTC® over IMS and charging forward with RCS (Rich Communication Services) with innovative middle-layer implementations of Mersoft work® to connect mobile devices, set-top boxes and PC desktop clients to the IMS networks of multiple equipment manufacturers.


Bring new value-added services to your commercial customers with eContactShare®. First,eContactShare® is a powerful tool to manage contact groups for businesses by integrating with their corporate email systems and keeping groups of far-flung employees connected. Second,eContactShare® is a carrier-grade consolidated address book (CAB) on which to build a variety of contact-centric telecom services. One of the most interesting is RCS which has grown significantly in Europe and is now appearing in the network plans of carriers and MSOs across the U.S.


Proactively manage your complex network withMersoft NOC-engine®. It’s rules-based monitoring, testing and workflow are based on the successfulMersoft work® product. Detect problems, perform proactive testing, open and route tickets to fix agents; or, even perform some changes and resolve issues automatically.

Sometimes what your team wants to do has not been done before. That’s when Mersoft Professional Services will bring thought leadership and a unique collaborative work model. No other company can work side-by-side with your product developers and network engineers like Mersoft. Why is that? Simply put, that’s who we are. We are a company of innovators drawn from the industry and who know what it’s like in the pressure-cooker of competition. We know the challenges of mounting a complex project in a large company and persevering through setbacks to deliver success.

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Mersoft’s long history of innovation and its proven track record of performance can help your product team and network development engineers innovate, compete and excel. Contact us today and let’s get innovating!

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