Mersoft test™ WebRTC Analytics Video Chat Case Study

New Case Study Published:

Executive Summary – WebRTC Analytics Video Chat Case Study

A major U.S. communications provider worked with Mersoft on load testing and production monitoring.  The focus was their video chat services that use WebRTC. The services include 2-way video, audio, text messaging and screen sharing. It was a fairly new product, but gaining in popularity.  They wanted to make sure it was ready for large-scale use.

Mersoft and the client collaborated to set up Mersoft test for production monitoring and several load tests to identify improvement areas.  They quickly found and resolved several issues from node.js issues with the client, web server capacity issues, SDP (session description protocol) exchange issues, ICE candidate issues, and problems when a selective forwarding unit was utilized versus a peer-to-peer connection.  They resolved each problem quickly, improving the customer experience.

The engineers used Mersoft test to emulate the client experience so as new versions are released, the scripts can be easily rerun. The client now has the capability to manage the unique complexities of a large-scale WebRTC product and can save both time and labor in addition to getting insights unavailable from other products. In addition, all the graphs in this case study were taken directly fromMersoft test.   More graphs are available to help teams visualize the data effectively.

Download it here.