Mersoft has been in a remodeling mode for the last few months as we upgrade the office after several years. The old office was perfectly serviceable, but things were getting a little worn.  So we made updates to provide more space and reflect the Mersoft culture. When the dust settled (literally) and we moved back in, a decision was made to not just have an interior designer pick everything and be done, but really make the updated space reflect the company and it’s history. One step in that direction is the recently-installed Mersoft logo “M” in the Overland Park office lobby.

The sign company designed and built it using processor boards from actual Mersoft servers. Ron Sloop, CEO, said, “ Mersoft has this great track record of innovative and unique technology projects since we got our start in the 90’s.  This was a creative way to showcase how technology is at our and part of the Mersoft culture. It makes it especially meaningful that they took boards from some of our old servers.”

Once the sign company mounted the M on the wall and electrician wired the LED lights, comments came in from employees and clients alike saying what a cool way to reflect our passion for tech at Mersoft.

Next, we need to find a good use for our collection of old Apple computers. . .