July 2, 2012 – Kansas City Metro – Mersoft releases its first Augmented Reality mobile application.  The application supports the Ives Maes exhibit at the Nelson Atkins museum.  In the “Ives Maes” app — available on Android and Apple operating systems — Mersoft’s creation uses the device’s digital camera for image recognition, and other apps use the device’s global positioning system to know that it is close to a visual target.

Mersoft CTO Jeff Smith said he was able to develop the museum app relatively quickly — in about a week — partially because of his extensive background in 3-D game development. Without it, the complicated technology would have taken longer. He said that building the app for the Nelson has helped Mersoft prove a model it now can use for other clients.

Despite the challenges, Smith said Mersoft sees potential for various visually oriented business uses, including mock-up applications for architects, builders and interior designers.

The technology is improving at a fast pace, which will help augmented reality become more mainstream, Smith said.

“You’re going to see a lot more of augmented reality,” he said.

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