January 21, 2014 – Kansas City Metro – Pamela Potts, Director of the Interactive division at Mersoft Corporation, was just awarded the KC Business Magazine 2014 “Class of Influential Women” award.  This award recognizes women in the creative, entrepreneurial, and nonprofit communities in Kansas City, all three of which Pam has shown outstanding achievement.

Potts’ creative drive started early on as a fine-arts student with a major in music education when she became an accomplished singer and music teacher. Her artistic drive became a business when in 2008, she started “Interactive Coaching and Consulting” which focused on interactive web marketing, brand development, website design and social media.

Pam’s current career path has brought her to Mersoft Corporation as head of the Mersoft Interactive division providing Internet Marketing & Design services including Website Design and Search Engine Optimization. Pam brings a strong background of marketing and technology skills to push forward new and innovative ideas.
Entrepreneurship has always been a theme for Potts who has started two companies, first in corporate training and later in marketing. While seemingly diverse in nature, they both remained in line with two of her passions: art and education. Currently, Potts is also the Director of iCOR at Mersoft, a new education technology product that she helped drive from concept to implementation.

Another pillar of Potts’ core values that is being recognized by this award is her non-profit work, especially the area of advocacy for women. Potts founded the Live to Bloom charity to help young women discover their natural God-given strengths and develop me them into career opportunities and ultimately economic empowerment. Since 2009, the group has helped countless women improve their economic condition and self-confidence. In addition to this worthy cause, Pamela is active with the Central Exchange, sits on the advisory board of the Women’s Clinic of Kansas City.

Pamela Potts has done an outstanding job at following her core values, each of which relate to and overlap that qualities honored by this award. She embodies the message to women in KC and beyond that the way to be successful, and to make a difference in the world, is to follow your passions and stay true to your values.

Mersoft congratulates Pamela on this outstanding recognition of her achievements.

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