August 16, 2016 – Overland Park, KS,

Mersoft announces its newest launch of Mersoft move™ for live streaming security cameras directly to a TV set-top box.  Customers can view live cameras in seconds from the biggest and best screen in the house.  Seeing who is at the front door when the doorbell rings or checking on the baby at nap time has never been easier.  Mersoft move™ and Mersoft stream™ work together to provide the best live camera streaming available.  The Mersoft stream™ protocol adapter converts RTSP to WebRTC with extremely low-latency.  Clients can include web browsers,  mobile (iOS and Android), TV set-top boxes and more.  When a customer opens the app, the live stream will begin in seconds.

Jeff Weiner, VP of Product, Marketing and Sales at Mersoft said, “Many companies advertise live streaming but customers complain that it takes a long time to start a video and it’s often delayed.  Mersoft solved this problem and delivers a truly real time video experience.”

Why it’s so fast:

Within milliseconds, Mersoft move™ sets up the WebRTC signaling to connect a camera to the client app. Immediately, Mersoft stream™ begins extracting H.264 media frames from the RTSP stream and repackages them in WebRTC without transcoding.  It has buffers for both inbound and outbound streams to ensure a great user experience.  Jeff Smith, Mersoft CTO said, “Our proprietary technology can extract the frames while retaining timestamps and order incredibly fast.  We’ve also made it very efficient with CPU and memory.”

Truly live streaming has become a critical aspect of any security solution. In a recent study, 65% of respondents consider video monitoring among the most desired smart home feature and more than a third (37%) plan to buy a connected camera in the next 12 months.

Contact us today and let us help you integrate Mersoft into your smart home solution to get truly live RTSP to WebRTC streaming video.

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About Mersoft:

Mersoft is a Kansas City based software engineering firm delivering technology products and solutions since 1996. They provide the world’s best companies in telecom, enterprise security, and smart cities with enhanced product offerings for messaging, video, presence, and real-time connectivity.  Company culture revolves around excelling in research, innovation and delivering quality in every product.

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